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IV's... are they worth the hype?

Why did we decide to invite infusions into our holistic health space?

Are they really as great as they're chalked up to be?

Well that's a two fold answer.

Here's the short answer:

YES. In most cases, intravenous therapy can be an impeccable way to enhance your hydration, energy, and immediate sense of well-being. BUT, they don't work to heal the root cause of many ailments - they provide an excellent micronutrient buffer to keep you feeling good as your body heals with nutrition response testing or one of the other modalities we offer within Eating Elevated.

And for those with a bit more time.. the long answer:

IV therapies are used for better absorption and higher plasma levels for many micronutrients. It can often provide dramatic improvements when administering intravenous treatment. We know with Nutrition Response Testing that the vitamins and minerals we recommend via whole food supplements orally are beneficial and help heal the root cause of many diseases within the body.

Vitamins and minerals become useless in a damaged gut if not adequately absorbed. Intestinal malabsorption can often develop due to immune challenges, toxin overload, and chronic inflammation, amongst other things, which means that people will not be properly absorbing vitamins and minerals through their gut or gastrointestinal tract. This ultimately results in people not getting the experience that they are seeking.

Minerals taken intravenously and other vitamins can be more readily absorbed because they bypass the need for the gut to do any work.

This reality can provide a means to feel good, while you continue to do the hard work to heal your body to the core!

Intravenous therapy must process and absorb therapeutic levels of critical micronutrients effectively.

Being able to tolerate a larger IV dosage and establishing greater plasma levels of these critical micronutrients can develop fast with intravenous therapy and, as a result, create a far more significant influence on the metabolic process at a cellular level, which leads to optimal cellular functioning. This can enhance your healing process and health outcomes, which is our mission at EE!

Questions about an appointment?

Connect with us via email at, give us a call to book, and CLICK HERE to see our menu!

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