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We have partnered with Vibrant America to bring you root cause lab work with VibrantWellness.


We are looking to compliment Nutrition Response Testing with panels to assess stress from food, infections and the environment that could be at the heart of your gut challenges, hormone irregularities, neurological distress, autoimmune responses, chronic diseases, and so much more. 

VibrantWellness labs can help pinpoint:


-Mold & Fungal Panels

-Mycoplasmas and Mycotoxins

-Lyme & Co-Infections 

-Environmental & Heavy Metal Load

-Gut Zoomer for Food Sensitivities 

-GI Pathogens


Just like with Nutrition Response Testing, finding the root cause of the stress in your body helps us to better understand the WHY behind the symptoms your body is flagging as a sign of stress. 

Questions about an appointment? Connect with us via email - or give us a call!

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