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What our clients say is extremely important to my business. Without client satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Eating, Elevated. is so invested into making sure that clients are happy with all of the health treatments and services we offer. Take a look at what our past clients have said about their experiences working with us and schedule your appointment today.

Once I began my program, I noticed within the first week or two that my skin improved and it was much easier to manage. I also noticed that I was sleeping through the night and had more energy throughout the day. 


Before meeting my new supplement routine with Ellie, I dealt with nagging physical symptoms that I justified as living with “age”. After taking the supplements and advice that Ellie recommended, I noticed a dramatic improvement in ALL of the sluggish signals my body had been giving me.



I had the best experience at Eating Elevated with Brianna. She treated me extremely well. Very intuitive with the care I need. Very professional and excited about the care she gives!!!! I already can't wait to recommend Eating Elevated to everyone I know!!!



If you are considering giving this a try, STOP! Just go! It took me 6 months after being referred to make an appointment. And to think, I could have been feeling this good 6 months ago! Ellie is sweet, and has definitely found her talent in life. Working with her and her staff is so easy. It truly is non-invasive, gentle healing for the body. I wish I would have learned about this years ago. Have an open mind, and give natural healing a chance. It really does work!


In a society the collectively revolves around band aid, reactionary approaches to health, the philosophy at Eating, Elevated is a much needed proactive, "get to the root cause of bodily dysfunction" approach. Ellie and her staff deliver true health care in the form of whole food nutrition, whether you're dealing with debilitating bodily dysfunction, or simply looking to fully optimize your system to pave a healthy future for you and your family. Well done!


If you want to get off the life long drug program that modern medicine pushes and deals only with symptoms instead of addressing the root of the problem, I urge you to try the EE approach. Ellie is able to take the guesswork out of what is wrong is actually able to get you healthy and feeling good again. She pinpoints the problems and then make a comprehensive strategic plan to systematically eliminate them. We love Ellie and the staff. They are so very pleasant and helpful.

We are EE lifers.


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