IV therapies are used for better absorption and higher levels of plasma for many micronutrients. It can often provide dramatic improvements when administering intravenous therapy. We know with Nutrition Response Testing, the vitamins and minerals we recommend via whole food supplements orally is beneficial and helps heal to the root. However, vitamins and minerals become useless if they are not properly absorbed in the body and often as a result of conditions the body is currently in, intestinal malabsorption can develop.


What this means is people will not be properly absorbing vitamins and minerals through their gut or their gastrointestinal tract. This ultimately results in people not getting the experience that they are seeking.  Minerals taken intravenously along with other vitamins simply can be more readily absorbed because it bypasses the need for the gut to do any work. In order to process and absorb therapeutic levels of key micronutrients effectively, intravenous therapy is a must.

Being able to tolerate a larger IV dosage and establishing greater plasma levels of these key micronutrients can develop fast with intravenous therapy and as a result create a far greater influence on the metabolic process at a cellular level, which leads to optimal cellular functioning.

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