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Welcome to our Eating, Elevated. Page. We are so happy you are here.

EE was started as a dream and in a basement. As soon as I went to my first seminar on Applied Kinesiology, I knew in my nutrition practice, it was what I was missing for the betterment of my clients. I had been a client for a time before that it knew from experience it had changed my life, but until that moment I had not contemplated doing it for a living. And in that moment, I did not contemplate all too long, The Lord made it so apparent, in so many beautiful and unexpected ways. And so, Eating, Elevated. was born with a dream and a set of test kits. The basement only lasted about 8 months before our charming she-shed (my husband hates when I call it that) was finished. I fully planned on making that EE's forever home, working steadily in the back yard all the days of my life, but God had other plans...

I have come to recognize what a great sense of humor Our good Lord has, as if you know me you have probably heard me say "I have never wanted to be a business owner" but also from a young age I have seen the Lord calling me to it in various ways. Much like my vocation of motherhood, which is so important to note: If I didn't feel this confident the Lord is calling me to this, I would never leave my kids for it. My sweet family, it's the most important thing. But how blessed am I to also have a workplace that the Lord is so active in as well! 

As word about what I did grew, it organically grew into a beautiful, busy small business. I slowly added to my team. The first year in the shed, I was on my own; by the beginning of the second year, I had two team members added, by the middle of the second year, 3 more. It has been the most wonderful, chaotic and humbling experience. As a general rule of thumb, we really don't advertise, this growth has been referral based. What a gift that is that we do not take for granted. We all too quickly outgrew the shed, and found the perfect home for EE + Friends in the heart of my hometown, St. Michael. 

From there, even more growth of staff, offerings AND locations. My practitioner was originally from Cold Spring, MN and had always wanted me to set up a location in more central north MN. We fell in love with the town of St. Joe - its character and charm and so we create some roots for our second location. With our growth we have also integrated various other therapeutic healing modalities to compliment what we do with AK/NRT and further aid in healing the body, along with a fun retail space with clean and dreamy products for you and your family. Growing this dream wouldn't have been possible without my right hand gal, Kasandra, and the amazing staff @ EE. I love each of them so much.

With the growth, has been growing pains, beautiful, humbling, grounding.

We have had the most loyal clients that have stuck with us, and some that have not, and that's okay. We never forget a client, because we truly make a connection with each and every one. As the owner, I am constantly working to ensure our quality, integrity, and honesty stays at the core of what we do and is reflected in every experience had within our walls. From dream, to reality, this journey has been fueled by my amazing family, my amazing team, and support from so many. We are blessed. God is HERE, and it is so apparent. Know that I don't take any responsibility I have been blessed with lightly, and God deserves all the glory. I will keep showing up for him. In the storm, in the sun, God is good.

Welcome to our Eating, Elevated. Page. We are so happy you are here.

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