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Tammy Gatling

I have always been an active person.  I grew up playing three sports and in the summers marched in band.  I continued staying active as a young adult marching in drum corps and winterguard.  I finished school and started my career in cancer care. I raised my family and as my kids got older I started playing roller derby.  I was working out 4-6 days a week with no weight loss and I was constantly exhausted.  I chalked it up to being a mom, running kids everywhere, super stressful job and getting older.  Still, after all the kids were out of the house I was still working out, still eating mostly healthy and STILL not losing weight.  I had a ton of life changes at that point; divorce, job loss, moving states (3 times) and a new marriage.  I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression at this time and had gone through several medications that would work for a time and then I was left with the same feelings.  I was then given the diagnosis of high blood pressure and given a pill to take without talk of diet modification.  I was frustrated but just kept trudging forward.  Around this time, I was in a bible study with our neighbor who was seeing Ellie.  She talked about the things that Eating, Elevated had helped her with.  I was curious, did some research and called to make an appointment.  I have loved the “natural” aspect of health forever believing that if God allowed something to hurt us he would also provide a way for us to become well.  This seemed like the perfect fit.  My first appointment was in March of 2021 (so I am a “young” work in progress).  Weight, lack of energy, memory fog and anxiety were just some of the things I was struggling with.   I remember disclosing all of my “problems” and frustrations and Ellie just smiling and saying she could help me.  Within 3 weeks I had more energy, I was slowly losing weight and I could remember things better and faster.  I told everyone about it.  My spouse, my in-laws, my mom; basically everyone I met. 


Flash ahead to August of 2021.  I was told by my employer that they were imposing a medical mandate.  I felt I was doing so well getting off all my meds and doing the natural, holistic thing.  I felt strongly that I could manage any sickness with whole foods and supplements.  I also strongly believe in medical freedom.  Working in cancer care I have seen patients make decisions that their medical team did not approve of but they were able to make those decisions.  We prayed and asked God for direction as to what to do.  He has opened door after door to make this new career happen.  I am so excited to work with like-minded people.  I have been in the medical field for 20 years and have always enjoyed helping people.  This allows me to help people on the front end of their health journey and hopefully keep them out of medical systems at the other spectrum of health care.  I am so excited to join this team, continue my personal health healing journey and help others achieve what I have and beyond.  


I live in Otsego with my spouse, 4 dogs and a cat (who is really a dog).  I love gardening, being outside, canning and being with family.  We have an old farmhouse that takes up a lot of time remodeling and updating as well.  I am a health journey work in progress.  I started with Ellie back in March of 2021 and she helped me with my anxiety, low energy, weight struggle and brain fog to name a few things.  I have felt more amazing, clearer minded and stronger every week.  I am excited to change careers and begin working with others to change their health trajectory.  

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