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Stacy Bruska

My name is Stacy Bruska 

I grew up in Wisconsin and I moved to Minnesota when I was 20 years old,  I then met the love of my life Todd, we just celebrated 26 years of marriage.

I am blessed with 2 beautiful stepdaughters and 1 granddaughter.


I first found out about nutrition response testing a year ago when I was so very sick I was unable to work.


I was so sick that I was referred to the Mayo Clinic as a patient.

After my first visit  to the Mayo Clinic I was sent home with no answers other then I needed to see a counselor.


I cried the whole way home. I knew I needed help and we were concerned that my respiratory system was starting to shut down. 


My husband said to me “go to the appointment at Eating Elevated I know God is going to use them to get us the answers.”


The day came that I went to Eating Elevated where I met Ellie and my life was changed forever!! For the first time after years of sickness I had answers!

I had toxic mold poisoning in my body. We were beyond shocked!


I was started on  a program immediately and  it has been an amazing journey to a new life, good nutrition, and good health!


I am so honored and blessed to be part of such an amazing team and living a life that that has opened  my eyes to a new way of amazing health!!

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