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Hailey Wilson, MS 

Hello! My name is Hailey! I am so excited to be a part of the EE community and work with our amazing
clients. I feel so blessed to be here! A little bit about me is I am recently married. When I am not at work
you will find me cooking in the kitchen, trying a new recipe, reading a book, or staying active playing
volleyball and pickleball. You also will find me spending time with my four younger siblings, family, and
friends. I recently graduated with my Masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine and am finishing up
my certification in nutrition.

My health journey began in high school when I struggled with stomach issues, acne, my mental health,
and weight. After a long few years of feeling bad, I finally found relief through changing my diet to
whole, real foods: my acne and stomach issues disappeared, I lost weight, and my mental health
improved tremendously! This inspired me to major in nutrition in college and pursue functional
medicine in grad school where I learned about environmental exposures and the heavy toll they take on
our bodies. Shortly before finishing grad school, I began to experience poor sleep, lack of energy,
unexplained weight gain, and terrible PMS with no explanation as to why. I was eating healthy, limiting
my toxin exposures, and staying active. I grew very frustrated because none of it made sense! This is
when I found EE and started learning about deeper stressors the body encounters and is burdened by.
After starting my own program at EE, I quickly began feeling better. Through my own health journey, I
have learned that healing is not linear and creating optimal health takes time. I am so fortunate to work
at EE and be able to share my passion for holistic health and support our clients through their healing.

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