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Samantha Petterson
Patient Advocate

My holistic health journey is a fairly new thing in my life! For a long while it had been something I was somewhat interested in, but I would only scratch the surface of what it meant to be wholly healthy and truly well. I never really fully committed to diving into it. I worked with an awesome health and wellness coach for a little while, and that helped me get a good baseline for my health journey. After trying to do things on my own without a coach, I realized how much really goes into being healthy!


A big hinderance in my health journey was my stomach issues. I had been to a couple different doctors, and I was continuously put on the same medication that only slightly helped. I had pretty much just accepted that my issues were my “normal”. I found Eating, Elevated through Brianna’s social media, and my dad making an appointment was my final push to make one for myself. This was one of the best decisions of my life! I felt like I was actually heard when I spoke about my stomach issues. It was so refreshing to finally be given deeper answers to what was causing it rather than just being put on something that wasn't effective. I think there is definitely a time and a place for medical doctors, but I also think trying to build your health through natural and holistic means is absolutely crucial! Nutrition Response Testing was something I didn’t even know about, but now it’s something I truly believe in and rely on as I continue through my health journey. 


I still have a ways to go on my personal health path, but I feel like I have already made huge strides due to the amazing people at Eating, Elevated as well as the incredible environment there. It makes me so happy to be constantly surrounded by holistic health and to be continually learning so much every single day! My passion for helping people makes me very excited to be a Patient Advocate and help others grow in their own health journey just like I have at Eating, Elevated.


I can’t wait to see you and walk alongside you in your pursuance of an all-around, holistically healthy life! 

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