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Lizzy Anderson
Personal Trainer, Receptionist

Hello, Lizzy here!! I could not be more excited to be the newest member of the Eating, Elevated team. I will be serving as a patient advocate as well as being EE’s certified personal trainer.


Outside of my faith and family, a few of my biggest passions are holistic health, exercise, and fitness. My passion for exercise and fitness started as a kid who loved any sport my parents would sign me up for. It continued into high school as a multiple sport athlete and then into college as a division 1 runner. My passion for holistic health has grown throughout the recent years as I have seen the incredible impact it has made on countless people, including myself.


Since I started seeing Ellie, I have been able to regulate my autoimmune disease, Hoshimoto’s Thyroiditis, more consistently than ever before. This has been a game changer in my own personal health journey as I am no longer plagued with constant fatigue, brain fog, and gut sensitivities. This position at EE will provide me with the opportunity to share my true passions I have with you. I am thrilled to be a new member of the Eating, Elevated team, but I am most excited to serve you at the highest standard.


Outside of work, I love spending time with my husband, family & friends, coaching the STMA high school girls cross country team, spending time outdoors, working out, and preparing to welcome our first baby this summer! I cannot wait to begin this journey with you.


See you around! 

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