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Cassi Swenson 

Hello, I’m Cassi! I am a faith-filled, empathetic, passionate, human-science nerd! My journey with holistic health began when my oldest daughter was three years old; I quickly learned, through her early years, conventional medicine did not have the answers I was looking for. Over this last decade, my family and I have had the incredible blessing of being cared for by talented holistic health professionals, including Ellie and her team starting in 2019. Through God’s healing graces and the work of these talented women, we have been truly gifted in gaining answers we needed to optimize our health! We are forever grateful!

Part of what propelled me into holistic health is my background: I have a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (OTR/L) with nearly all of my work experience in pediatrics, specifically children with neuro developmental disorders and sensory processing challenges. I have such a passion for sensory-motor development/function, assessment and intervention! I recognized throughout my work experience the challenges for this population with nutrition and toxin load.

I have been so blest to learn so much about regulating the nervous system from the outside-in, and now I can’t wait to assist individuals with regulation from the inside-out! Health is such a gift!

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