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Lindsay Bonnema

Throughout my early teen and young adult years, I struggled with stomach pain, excessive fatigue, and overall mediocre feelings, not realizing that is not “normal”. My healing journey began when my stomach pain, anxiety, panic attacks, and constant worry were completely out of control. Being in nursing school at the time, I thought it was common with the amount of stress I was experiencing along with the fast-paced life I was living. Fast forward a few years later, my mental health quickly declined after having my third child, where I was in a state of crippling anxiety all day every day. When seeking help from doctors and therapists, the answer would consistently turn to medication-which was a path I was adamant to not be on. I felt miserable, I knew this was not a way to live my life. I wanted to be in control of my health, and I trusted that my body was capable of more than the ill state it was in. I was introduced to Eating Elevated and Nutrition Response Testing and in a short time, it changed my life. I love that Nutrition Response Testing is personalized and finds exactly what each body needs at that exact time. No more traditional, same dose treatment for all, or “this is normal” answers. I am blessed to be where I am today-feeling as good as I feel, I know the body is capable of healing! 


Being a practitioner is a dream! I am honored to be a part of Eating Elevated and I am so excited to share my passion, to educate and guide others to achieve complete wellness! 

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