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Kasandra Vorderbruggen

Director of Operations

Now, I know what your thinking. THIS girl is going to be working at Eating, Elevated? She doesn’t fit the “health and wellness” vision I had in mind. You’re not entirely wrong. But hear me out. My health and wellness journey is 1.5 years young (note, I’ve been pregnant and nursing during that time also, so a girl can only do so much)! It’s been such a rewarding 1.5 years, with lots of ups and downs, tons of tears, yet true new-found, lifelong tools for happiness! Now, if we go back 30 years, I grew up knowing how to eat healthy, how to move my body, how to prepare my soul, but never knew why, so I just never really DID. My parents are healthy and active go-getters and I’ve watched their health be a huge tool in their busy, business owning lives. It was never a priority for me to take care of my health and DO what my parents had always DONE, until I was a parent myself.


Motherhood brings out your best and worst and I found that my worst was more often then my best. So, I started with Ellie in her basement, and instantly my energy, focus and mental clarity was strengthened. Talk about hook, line and sinker. I asked her if we could tackle my cystic ovary next, BOOM, cysts gone in under 4 months (I have ultrasounds to prove it). Everything I was learning while being healed was resonating slowly, but apparently, I wasn’t ready to grab hold of my health quite yet. Eating, Elevated continued to help heal my kids from rashes, allergies, mood swings, ear infections, you name it, it’s been pinpointed! Fast forward to 1.5 years ago, I woke up with crippling anxiety, unable to move from the living room floor. I had never had anxiety, so I had no idea what I was feeling. It was a parasite (if you know, you know). After getting the correct supplements, cutting out some foods, upping my prayer time, I was able to get off the floor and fully function within 24 hours. It took this hideous moment of my life to pull the trigger and discover the true path to health and wellness is to actually DO. Eating, Elevated was a crutch from me to use while I stumbled in my health. I realized that elevating my health came from within my home and the power from each tool I had been given, clicked into place. Getting rid of my parasite took determination, cutting out foods, fasting, lots of sauna time (this is a treat), many full moon cleanses, and I can finally say, I am parasite free! Along with the anxiety had some other symptoms that I never noticed – these were all gone when the parasite left.


This “new” journey for me is something I am so excited to be on, although it’s a marathon, and I’m not much of a runner, I’ve never felt better and I can’t imagine EVER going back. So, I guess I’ll take up some light running (maybe a slow jog) while I contribute to the business side of Eating, Elevated! You will see me behind the scenes, probably in front of a computer, elevating the productivity, efficiency and success of Eating, Elevated in my role as Operations Manager.

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