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Ellie Anderson RDN,LD,CLT

Advanced practitioner, Founder

From a very young age, I was frequently sick. Getting strep throat as much as a few times a year. Constantly treated with antibiotics. Fast forward to my teens, terrible skin with deep and painful pimples. I was placed on a prescription, which also was an antibiotic. Through this time I had anxiety, gut issues, and even panic attacks. I knew there had to be a better way. Around that time, being sick and tired of being sick and tried, I realized the power of food as fuel and as a way to heal the body, which is what lead me to nutrition as my major. After graduation and after having my first child, I began realizing that conventional medicine was not working for me. But it was all I knew! Where did I go from here?! Through family, our family was blessed to be introduced to a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. 


My life before Nutrition Response Testing was full of digestive issues, skin issues, anxiety, chronic inflammation, sicknesses with each winter, my “usual sinus infections” and feeling exhausted all the time. Poor sleeping, poor nutrition. Feeling crummy all the time. But that was “My Normal”. I lived with it because I knew... everyone has those issues.


I started in this profession as a patient first, and to be honest with you, because of what I was “used to” from “health care” I was a little more than a little bit skeptical. I vividly remember I left my appointment, amazed at what the practitioner had found; but still skeptical. Then something amazing happened. Within a few nights, I was sleeping better. Within a few weeks, I was starting to feel better physically. And now, so many years later I can tell you with Confidence (and excitement) my health has NEVER been better.

My skin is better. My sleep is better. My digestion is better. Gone are the days of my emotions being in control. And HELLO Energy; bye bye inflammation. My pregnancies are easier and my kids are healthier, right from the get go! It is the best feeling ever to be so tuned into my body. I know as soon as something is off, and I know quickly just how to fix it. 


Why did I go into this profession? I want everyone to experience ACTUAL natural healing and health from the inside out. 


Does it happen overnight: no. It takes time. We are actually healing the body not putting a bandage on your symptoms- not medicinally straight jacketing  them to subside without getting to the root of the problems. But that also means that the journey is worth the hills because you will finally be YOU again (or maybe for the first time ever!)


My journey has taken me from a basement office, to an adorable shed, to now the future of Eating, Elevated. Located inside The Well On Main, in the heart of the town I grew up in. I cannot wait to continue to cater to people I love in the area I love.


I am constantly working to educate  myself to be the best practitioner I can be for YOU! I have gone through all the levels of Nutrition Response Testing ™ and am so proud to be an Advanced Practitioner. 

I love what I do. I can’t wait to show you what it can do for you! 

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