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Hannah Johnson
Therapeutic, Reception, and Administrative Support

My health journey began in 2016 when I began developing gut issues following a treatment for a bacterial infection. It quickly developed into a reaction my body would have after eating any and every food. Eating became something I dreaded and feared because of the pain and discomfort I would experience afterwards. I was miserable and doctors had no answers for me. 


Like most people, I grew up eating the standard American diet, but this experience sparked a desire—or rather a need—to make  changes to my diet so my body had a fighting chance of healing.


I began researching foods that could aid in this healing process and I became obsessed with learning more. I became a student to any health-related material I could get my hands on. I began seeing improvement in my health and I wasn't about to go back to my old ways. The desire to learn more caused me to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received my health coaching certification in 2019.


While food played a huge role in my healing journey and remains a huge passion of mine, finding Eating Elevated In 2022 was another crucial element which helped me continue to heal as well as find answers to other health-related challenges I had been facing for years.


I'm so grateful that the LORD opened a door in 2023 for me to work at Eating Elevate! I now get a front row seat to witness, not just through my own life but also in the lives of others, how God has designed our bodies in such marvelously brilliant and intentional ways to heal and point us to our Maker!

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