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Bailey Otts, RN
IV Lead, St. Michael Location

Hi! I’m Bailey and so excited and blessed to be the IV Lead at St. Michael!


Where to even begin.. I got my nursing of bachelors of science at St. Scholastica in Duluth. During that time I had a capstone in the neonatal intensive care unit and fell in love with it. As a new grad I got a job at HCMC in the NICU and boy did I love it! I sincerely loved taking care of and saving the lives of preterm, full term, and babies with a variety of syndromes and illnesses. Have you ever seen a 22, 23, or 24 week gestation baby being born and fighting with all their might and survive? I have, and it is truly a divine miracle. I was (and still am) passionate about taking care of babies and families to make their NICU stay as smooth as possible.


However, when I became married to my husband, Zach. We had a few health scares where we both experienced the other side of healthcare. We are so grateful for the life saving care we both received and the good Lord above’s helping hand, but found out quickly what really matters in life. So when we had our second baby, I knew it was time to stop working shift work, weekends, and holidays. I prayed that a holistic or integrative health job would fall into my lap… Insert a play date last winter (2022) with Ellie and her kids. Ellie simply asked me how work was going and I told her I would be looking for a new job come my maternity leave. She said she was starting IV’s and lab work at Eating, Elevated and wondered if I was interested. It was so easy to say YES! I was nervous to leave a job that I was so familiar with, but prayed that God would guide me to the right place just like He did when we started our health journey three years ago.


My first encounter with nutrition response testing was when my daughter became fussy at 4 months old. Then my husband went before I jumped on the bandwagon! And I can tell you I didn’t think I felt too bad before I started nutrition response testing, but now I have less frequent headaches and stomach issues. Whenever we are sick and not feeling well, or the kids have rashes or simply just not ourselves we get to the root cause and find the right supplements to help us! I keep learning more and more each day what’s best for mine and my family’s bodies so we can live a healthier lifestyle.


I’m so blessed God answered my prayers to bring Ellie and this job into my life. I hope we can help you to figure out more answers with in-depth lab work and to feel better with vitamins and hydration through our new therapeutic IV’s and intramuscular injections.

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