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Annamarie Charmoli
Patient Advocate

Hello! My name is Annamarie and I am so blessed to be a part of the EE team as a patient advocate!


       A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Minnesota, but my Mum is from New Zealand, so I like to think I have a unique perspective on life and culture. I am from a (fairly) big Catholic family, whom I love dearly.  I am a recent graduate of the University of Mary, through whom I earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Catholic Studies. During college, I was actually a nursing major for three years, having gained experience in clinical settings. I decided it was not for me, but I realized I still wanted to be a part of healing the human person in some way. Enter EE. Like many that come to Eating, Elevated., I stumbled upon EE through word-of-mouth and by hearing others' experiences of being their client. I'll admit, I was extremely skeptical at first and highly doubted the efficacy and ethicality of Nutrition Response Testing. However, God kept putting EE on my heart in prayer while I discerned what steps to take after graduation. I decided to make the leap of faith and trust Him. As I began work at EE, I also started my own health journey. I have the unique experience of walking side-by-side with you all on your own healing paths, while also undergoing the highs and lows of healing myself. 


     I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be at EE, to understand and reap the benefits of what these ladies do because I had been searching for healing for many years. During high school, my health started to decline. I would fall asleep in classes often, have no energy even after sleeping 12 hours straight, and experience gut problems. I went to my doctor many times looking for answers. Shortly before leaving for college, I was diagnosed with anemia and underwent two different procedures to try and figure out the source of this issue, to no avail. I tried different supplements and life-style changes throughout college, but none fully corrected the problem. My senior year, I finally got hit with the big "C" and encountered many terrible symptoms, old and new. I went back to conventional medicine to try and get to the source of these problems, but even after lab work, X-rays and EKG's, the only thing I was told was that I might just be experiencing anxiety (essentially it might just be in my head). I know God led me to Eating, Elevated. so I could finally get to the root cause of all my problems and actually heal, both mentally and physically. The healing that I am privileged to see, hear about, and feel at EE is truly incredible!


      So, if you are looking for a sign, here it is: if you are curious about Eating, Elevated. and Nutrition Response Testing in any way, come on in, check it out; TAKE THE LEAP OF FAITH! I'm so excited to meet you!

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