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Trish Anderson
Therapeutic, Reception, and Administrative Support

I am both grateful and humbled to be a part of the Eating, Elevated team. I have been a client of Ellie’s since 2019 and what a journey it’s been.  My family came to EE looking for help with headaches and tummy issues for our youngest daughter.  Ellie was able to identify her triggers and offer support to heal and help prevent further occurrences.  Each visit Ellie would ask how I was feeling and I always answered “I’m good!”.  I assumed that as a 50-something woman, it was OK to feel sluggish, brain foggy, achy, etc.  But God had bigger plans for me, and better health too! 


Nutritional Response Testing at Eating Elevated has completely changed my health profile. I have learned how to work with my body and when I get a bit off it’s generally a minor tweak and I’m back feeling great! I have recently added therapeutics to my program and look forward to aging into my 60’s with energy and vitality!   I’m so excited to be working at Eating, Elevated where I can share my story and help others.  Age is a number, but health is for all!  

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