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Krystal Peterson, NMT
IV Tech, St. Michael Location

I have a different medical background than most RNs here, in a degree most people have never heard of. I am a nuclear medicine technologist, which is very similar to an X-ray technologist. Instead of imaging people from the outside-in with a camera in x-ray, we injected a small amount of radioactivity into the patient to look inside-out and see how their body is functioning. Which in turn has perfected my IV skills because if we don't get an IV in a patient, the test is not performed.


Along with being an IV tech here, I a mortgage loan officer with Supreme Lending and enjoy helping people finance their home. My husband and I live a very active lifestyle, from going to Montana in the wintertime snowmobiling in the mountains, side by side riding in the spring and in the fall, to being on a boat and motorcycle in the summer. My husband is active military and we live in Buffalo with our dog, Ruger, who we have taught to ride on the motorcycle with us!


I started my health journey in May 2022 after hearing great things about EE from a friend. I didn't know what I was in for, but since coming here I have been immensely grateful. I didn't sleep well at night, would always toss and turn and would wake up around 3am every night and not be able to fall back asleep. I tried staying off my phone, reading a book before bed, lots of things, but nothing could quite help. Come to find out, mold, fungus, and parasites have been plaguing me this whole time, and for years! After just 2 days of starting the supplements I never remembered the last time I slept as hard or as good as I did! This place has been life changing, and I am learning more and more everyday I come into work.


I hope to be of help healing and helping you along your way to a healthier YOU!

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