Cathy Steinke

Reception Manager

I grew up in Brooklyn Center, MN. I was the daughter to Charles and Sylvia Baker in a wonderfully loving house hold that was referred to as the Beaver Clever house by many.  Charles is Ellie’s great Uncle on her father’s side of the family. I have one sister, Susan Baker, whose heart is enormously kind.   I also grew up with Mariko, an exchange student from Japan, who we lovingly referred to as our Japanese sister.

I married Mark Steinke, the “I know a guy, guy.”  Who loves to make people laugh. We bought a house in Brooklyn Park, MN and lived there for 25 years.  We moved to Otsego in 2014.


We raised two remarkable young ladies, Christy and Danielle who make us proud every single day.

I became a Gwama in 2013 for the first time to Caden. who I always refer to as Awesome because I can’t think of a stronger word to explain how Awesome it is to be a Gwama to such an Awesome grandson.

Along the way I gained a son-in-law Tony (Christy), who has added so much color and flavor to our lives. It’s been a gift that has been reciprocated in the arrival in 2019 of my grandson Mason.  Mason has made my heart grow bigger with every sweet smile and doe eyed blink he sends my way.  His giggles and squeezing cuddles are addicting. I can’t forget to mention all the wonderful dogs in my life.


I worked at Target Headquarters for 25 years.  I was laid off in 2015.  I then became a nanny to my grandson and niece and nephews.  They just had to grow up even thought I tried to convince them not to.  So off to school they went.


This brings me to today.  Here I am writing this bio because I was graced with the opportunity to work with Ellie, and her Eating, Elevated business. I am over the moon with this opportunity and can’t wait to give Ellie support to assist her in her business growth goals. What a beautiful picture to see Ellie bring healing to even more people with her grace of knowledge and powerful faith in God.

God is SO good!

What a year it has been!  We have gained another son-in-law Nick (Danielle) we couldn’t be more happy for this addition to our family. His spirit is full of kindness and compassion and it is such a blessing to have him in our lives. Our family will grow again in 2021; we can’t wait!


Ellie’s Eating, Elevated business has stretched far beyond what I could have imaged when I so gratefully excepted this position a year ago.  I am so grateful for the growing team. What an adventure it has been!

Last but certainly not least, I must mention how my heart has grown so much with each and every one of the Eating, Elevated clients. I love to watch your transformations to healthier living and it is so wonderful that I get the opportunity to get to know you and what wonderful blessings you all are!