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Amy Fleigle
Patient Advocate

My health and wellness journey began in 2004 right after I got married. We were told we would have fertility issues so right away I started doing research on what we could do to change this and low and behold the first answer I found was FOOD!! But let me backup a little…..

I have been married since 2004 and have two beautiful daughters. My passions are my Faith, my Family, Food, and Wine! I am a Registered Nurse by trade with a Bachelors of Science degree from UWEC. I left the world of western medicine after our first daughter was born and I am currently the CHO (Chief Home Officer) of Fleigle Industries and a homeschooling mama.


After cleaning up our diet and starting on the road to organics, the next leg of my journey started when my oldest daughter had health issues that western medicine could not fix. After multiple doctors and clinics I found myself in the world of alternative medicine. Through tons of research, advice from practitioners about natural healing that would help my daughter, supplements, and my love of food we found diets and recipes that our family thrived on!


My favorite place is the kitchen and you will find me there experimenting with new recipes all the time! Another favorite pastime of mine is reading, especially cookbooks! If it is not cookbooks it’s novels, historical fiction, daily devotionals, and books on health and wellness.


Eating Elevated has been such a blessing for our family and I am honored to join their team to help others heal naturally with Nutrition Response Testing. I have a broad base of knowledge about health, nutrition, diet, and supplements and I was casting a large net hoping to “catch” what we needed. Eating Elevated helped me narrow that net and focus on the specifics our bodies needed to heal. And now I feel so Blessed to be able to join their team and share my knowledge and my passion for food, I’m a foodie at heart, with you all!

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