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Owner | Lead Practitioner

From a very young age, I was frequently sick. Getting strep throat as much as a few times a year. Constantly treated with antibiotics. Fast forward to my teens, terrible, skin with deep and painful pimples. I was placed on a prescription, which also was an antibiotic. Through this time I had anxiety, gut issues, and even panic attacks. I knew there had to be a better way. Around that time, being sick and tired of being sick and tried, I realized the power of food as fuel and as a way to heal the body, which is what lead me to nutrition as my major. After graduation and after having my first child, I began realizing that conventional medicine was not working for me. But it was all I knew! Where did I go from here?!Through family, our family was blessed to be introduced to a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. 
My life before Nutrition Response Testing was full of digestive issues, skin issues, anxiety, chronic inflammation, sicknesses with each winter, my “usual sinus infections” and feeling exhausted all the time. Poor sleeping, poor nutrition. Feeling crummy all the time. But that was my Normal. I lived with it because I knew... everyone has those issues.I started in this profession as a patient first, 
And to be honest with you, because of what I was “used to” from “health care” I was a little more than a little bit skeptical. But I left my appointment, amazed at what the practitioner had found; but still skeptical. But then something amazing happened. Within a few nights, I was sleeping better. Within a few weeks, I was starting to feel better physically. And now, 3 years later I can tell you with Confidence (and excitement) my health has NEVER been better.
My skin is better. My sleep is better. My digestion is better. Gone are the days of my emotions being in control. And HELLO Energy; bye bye inflammation. My pregnancies are easier and my kids are healthier, right from the get go! It is the best feeling ever to be so tuned into my body.  
Why did I go into this profession? I want everyone to experience ACTUAL natural healing and health from the inside out. 
Does it happen overnight: no. It takes time. We are actually healing the body not putting a bandage on your symptoms- not medicinally straight jacketing  them to subside without getting to the root of the problems. But that also means that the journey is worth the hills because you will finally be YOU again (or maybe for the first time ever!)


Patient Advocate

Hi, I’m Jenna!
My passion and excitement for Nutrition Response Testing and Natural Healing stems from a few different avenues. First and foremost, my own experience with Nutrition Response Testing. I came to Ellie about a year ago, thinking I *mostly* felt good. I suffered from minor but frequent headaches a few times a week and I had dealt with this since college, but truthfully, I started to get used to it. Other than that, I had a pretty good idea of what a healthy diet looked like and I honestly thought that was my only issue. Within days of starting my program my energy levels were significantly higher, I slept better than I could ever remember, my bowel movements regulated, and within just a few weeks the headaches vanished. Remember when I thought headaches were my only problem? The most freeing part of Nutrition Response Testing is the ability to know your body so well. If I’m feeling off, I can pinpoint exactly what I did or ate that threw me out of sync and I can correct it. I’ve continued to see Ellie regularly and am extremely excited to join her team because feeling TRULY well is a powerful gift!
My passion also comes from being a wife and a mother. Once my heart began walking around outside of my body my interest about natural healing grew deeper. Nutrition Response Testing has helped heal my children quickly and, most importantly, safely. Cancer has also greatly impacted my family and during that difficult time with my father, I was introduced to natural healing through food. What feeds cancer? Sugar. What we put in and on our bodies is vital, which is why natural health excites me! Through Nutrition Response Testing we can begin to understand our bodies like we never could through mainstream healthcare. I can’t wait to continually learn from Ellie and everyone at Eating, Elevated. and to be an advocate while sharing my knowledge and experiences with all of you!


Office Manager

Cathy Ann (Baker) Steinke Favorite moto to live by:   Try to Always Stay Humble and Kind.
I grew up in Brooklyn Center, MN. I was the daughter to Charles and Sylvia Baker in a wonderfully loving house hold that was referred to as the Beaver Clever house by many.  Charles is Ellie’s great Uncle on her father’s side of the family.
I have one sister, Susan Baker, whose heart is enormously kind.   I also grew up with Mariko, an exchange student from Japan, who we lovingly referred to as our Japanese sister.
I married Mark Steinke, the “I know a guy, guy.”  Who loves to make people laugh. We bought a house in Brooklyn Park, MN and lived there for 25 years.  We moved to Otsego in 2014.
We raised two remarkable young ladies, Christy and Danielle who make us proud every single day. 
I become a Gwama in 2013 for the first time to Caden. who I always refer to as Awesome because I can’t think of a stronger word to explain how Awesome it is to be a Gwama to such an Awesome grandson.
Along the way, I gained a son-in-law Tony (Christy), who has added so much color and flavor to our lives. It’s been a gift that has been reciprocated in the arrival in 2019 of my grandson Mason.  Mason has made my heart grow bigger with every sweet smile and doe eyed blink he sends my way. His giggles and squeezing cuddles are addicting.
I can’t forget to mention all the wonderful dogs in my life. 
I worked at Target for 25 years.  I was laid off in 2015. I then became a nanny to my grandson and niece and nephews.  They just had to grow up even thought I tried to convince them not to. So off to school they went.
This brings me to today.  Here I am writing this bio because I was graced with the opportunity to work with Ellie Anderson, and her Eating, Elevated business. I am over the moon with this opportunity and can’t wait to give Ellie support to assist her in her business growth goals. What a beautiful picture to see Ellie bring healing to even more people with her grace of knowledge and powerful faith in God.



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