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About Us

Hi, I’m Ellie Anderson, owner of eating, elevated, registered dietitian and master of health science in integrative health. If you’re watching this video, it’s likely you have been seeking answers to your health and haven’t had a clear solution. We are here to help. 


Root-cause healing is like gardening. When you see weeds growing, the fastest thing to do is mow over them. While seemingly effective, the weeds will inevitably grow back. In order to permanently remove the weeds, you must uproot them. As you dig down, you may find the weeds are deeper than you thought and so it takes longer, or more strength than you thought, so you need more tools, or perhaps as you dig you find even more weeds you didn’t even know you had.


Our mission is to remove what doesn't belong and to replace what is missing, restoring health and balance to the temples God has given us. 


Our most tried and true way to do this is through the use of muscle testing as a non-invasive way of assessing the body for areas of weakness or stressors, nutritional deficiencies could be contributing to ill health. We also offer functional lab work as a window into you body as well. 


With all we do we look at the body as a whole and seek to support YOU. You know your body best. We also have a variety of therapeutics to enhance your overall health and ability to detoxify, as well as IV therapy, and a retail space with products and goods to support you in your health journey. We work together to create deep connections, meaningful healing, and seek to make every step international on your health restoration journey.  


We see you, we hear you, we know how hard this is for you. we are glad you are here. we can help. 

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